The best things in life are simple...


About us

We believe that the best things in life are simple:  Crisp blue skies.  Bracing beach walks.  Great local food.  And beer...  

We brew honest, real ales that deliver clean, crisp flavours with no need for gimmicks.  

Our micro brewery is located on the banks of the River Taw, right on the edge of Braunton and surrounded by the stunning North Devon coastline and countryside.


Our beers - brewed in North Devon

#1 Pale - 3.8% Alcohol - A clean, crisp refreshing pale ale with long hop overtones

#2 Bitter - 4.0% Alcohol - A well rounded, easy drinking bitter, with malted caramel overtones giving way to delicate hop

#3 IPA - 4.2% Alcohol - A beautifully balanced IPA with light malts and dry English hops